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Heat Exchanger

We will take the initiative in developing high-efficiency products based on our accumulated know-how.

Our heat exchanger business is producing the heat exchangers, the core component of air conditioners. We are putting forth our best effort to develop high-efficiency heat exchangers with our accumulated knowhow and technology.


A heat exchanger turns air cool or warm by using refrigerant that is more pront to evapourate compared to water to evapourate or condense the air using the principle that water absorbs the surrounding heat and makes it cool when evapourate.

Indoor-Unit (Evaporator) Outdoor-Unit (Condenser)

Product Lines

Indoor-Unit (Evaporator)

The fan blows wind into the pipe so as to let the refrigerant passes through it and delivers the cold wind without losing its cold gained from the outdoor-unit.

Indoor-Unit (Evaporator)

Outdoor-Unit (Condenser)

Turns the gas refrigerant into liquid. In order to easily turn the gas refrigerant collected from indoor into liquid, the compresser compresses the gas and maintains high-pressure and high-temperature. Afterwards the refrigerant is sent to condenser to cool down heat and turn into liquid.

Outdoor-Unit (Condenser)