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Management of Shared Growth

LOTTE ALUMINIUM believes that enhancing competitiveness of partner companies is the driving force of sustainability management. Accordingly, we are supporting small but strong small and medium-sized companies in various ways to enhance their competitiveness.

Shared Growth Promotion Committee

LOTTE ALUMINIUM has established an organization of Shared Growth Office with the CEO saving as the chairman. We assign executives to take charge of shared growth and propel company-wide shared growth. There are departments in each Office of Shared Office such as purchase, production, R&D, support, and sales in the form of task force to implement shared growth in every department and function of our company.

Lotte Group
  • Executive Officer of Shared Growth Promotion Office
    • Executives
      • Head of Department
        • operations center
        • PR department
        • Support Office
        • Foundation
        • Personnel Team
Group Affiliates
  • Chairman of Shared Growth Promotion Committee (the CEO)
    • Executive Officer/Executives
      • Head of Department
        • person in charge
          • purchase
          • production
          • R&D
          • support
          • sales
Main Tasks of Shared Growth Promotion

The 5 main tasks of LOTTE ALUMINIUM’s shared growth are announced in October, 2010 and as follows: first, reconsideration of cash payment rate; second, vitalization of shared growth fund; third, settlement of shared growth academy; fourth, enhancement of exchange with partner companies; fifth, creation of jobs. These are the main tasks of shared growth to be promoted by priority in core fields of company partnership including business relations, communication, and management support.

Main Tasks of Shared Growth Promotion Reconsideration of cash payment rate, vitalization of shared growth fund, settlement of Lotte shared growth academy, enhancement of exchange with part companies, creation of jobs.