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Aluminium Foil

We promise to be faithful to the basics to provide our customers with the best product quality.

Our aluminum foil business has been supplying diverse aluminum foil products such as various medicine and food packaging materials and electric and electronic industrial materials with the best technology and high-tech facilities that have been accumulated over the last 40 years. We developed the nation’s first4.3㎛aluminium foil with our own technology. In addition, we are equipped with high-tech facilities, such as wide rolling mills with automatic flatness control (AFC) and automatic Pin Hole detector, to produce high-quality products.

Packaging Materials

Aluminium foil is non-toxic and preserves the flavour and scent of medicine and foods by keeping out outside humidity and oxygen. Aluminium foil is either conjugated with other packaging materials such as paper, plastic, or film, or coated to protect the products.

Main Characteristics

Main Characteristics, Non-toxic, insulation, manufacturing suitability

Main Features

We have diverse materials and manufacturing processes to suit user’s various manufacturing methods.

Product Lines

Food Packaging Materials(Aseptic pack, Pouch)
Food packaging materials are developed and supplied to suit diverse characteristics of foods (gum, snack, ice cream, ham, etc) and maintain the taste and stability of the contents. Recently, environment-friendly material has been developed and adopted to our products.
Food Packaging Materials(Aseptic pack, Pouch)
Food Packaging Materials(Aseptic pack, Pouch) product information
Materials A1235, A8079
Thickness 6~9㎛
For yogurt cap and toothpaste tube
The packaging materials used for yogurt seal cap and toothpaste tube are used in numerous products, as they maintain stability of the contents and are easy-maintenance.
For yogurt cap and toothpaste tube
For yogurt cap and toothpaste tube product information
Materials A1235, A1100, A8021, A8079
Thickness 12~50㎛
For medicine packaging(PTP, Alu-Alu)
With great chemical resistance and barrier nature (transmission of oxygen and humidity), the medicine packaging materials are innocuous to humans and are appropriate for medicine’s long-term preservation.
For medicine packaging(PTP, Alu-Alu)
For medicine packaging(PTP, Alu-Alu) product information
Materials A1235, A8021
Thickness 20~50㎛
For Cigarette Packaging
Packaging materials used for packaging inside and outside of cigarette carton.Conjugated with paper, they serve to preserve scent and block outside humidity.
For Cigarette Packaging
For Cigarette Packaging product information
Materials A8079
Thickness 6~7㎛