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House-hold Goods

Lotte eLife will be customers' life companion and plan convenient and happy life.

Lotte eLife is LOTTE ALUMINIUM’s House-hold Goods brand. Created by blending the slogan of ‘Easy day, Easy life’, Lotte eLife symbolically reflects the spirit that makes products to enrich the lives of the housemakers. In order to provide the consumers with convenient living culture, we are providing over 1,500 products including kitchenware, daily necessities, bath/cleaning supplies, and DIY supplies. We are making out way into becoming a professional House-hold Gods brand continuously pursuing something new to meet consumers’ needs.

Kitchen Items

eLife kitchenware products are made of materials harmless to humans respecting both environment and humans.

  • Lotte foil
  • Lotte wrap
  • Lotte zipper bag
  • Lotte Roll Pack
  • Lotte Globes
  • Lotte Pack

Kitchen Utensils

eLife kitchenware products are eco-friendly and chemical-free with no endocrine disruptors.

  • Frying Pan
  • Multi-Pan

Daily Necessities

eLife daily necessities are convenient and eco-friendly.

  • Multi-usable containers
  • PS Containers

Bathroom/Cleaning Items

eLife bath/cleaningsupplies are easy to use and have effective and various uses.

  • bathroom/living room slippers
  • cleaning supplies

DIY Products

eLife DIY supplies made of excellent materials can be used safely and conveniently.

  • multi-tap
  • light bulb

Home appliances

Home appliances of e-Life is safety and convenient to use.

  • audio
  • heater