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Ethical Management

Ethics Code

LOTTE ALUMINIUM is fulfilling its social responsibility by thinking, judging, and acting based on our corporate philosophy: customer-oriented, pursuing creativity, and quality-first.

LOTTE ALUMINIUM operates with the philosophy of serving customer’s interests, pursuing originality, and quality first. We are striving to become the world’s finest while fulfilling social responsibility and pursuing common interests of the stakeholders, nationa and the humankind altogether. The following is the Ethics Code that is to be obligated by all staff of LOTTE ALUMINIUM.

Chapter 1. Customer
  • 1-1 Customers are the source of our existence. Focus every management activity on customers. Think and decide from the customer’s perspective and serve the customers.
  • 1-2 Be honest to customers and respect their opinions. Keep promises with customers no matter what.
  • 1-3 Never use customer’s information for other purposes without their consent.
Chapter 2. Shareholders
  • 2-1 LOTTE ALUMINIUM’s executives and employees should try their best to increase the market value of our stocks through creative, innovative, and earnest management.
  • 2-2 Obey laws and principles regarding corporate management and keep transparency.
  • 2-3 Listen to the opinions of minority shareholders.
Chapter 3.Executives and Employees
  • 3-1 The executives and employees act and behave in accordance with positive law, as well as social norms and ethical values to protect their own and company’s honour. Earn respect and trust from the colleagues and clients/partners.
  • 3-2 The executives and employees actively and creatively contribute to company with a sense of duty through bold challenges, innovations, cooperation and harmony.
  • 3-3 The executives and employees receive fair treatment regardless of their education, sex, or where they come from.
  • 3-4 The executives and employees do not use company asset for personal use and do not disclose company information received at work. Do not make loans or joint liability on guarantee among staff members. Do not provide gifts. Rude words and sexual harassment are strictly prohibited.
  • 3-5 The executives should keep their social responsibility in mind and actively react to opportunities and crises. Executives set a good example by acting and behaving in compliance with international standard for corporate management.
  • 3-6 The company values and respects individual staff members as human beings and dedicate to improving the quality of working life.
Chapter 4. Partner Companies
  • 4-1 Provide fair opportunities to partner companies and keep transparency with fair trade of fair products to meet mutual benefits.
  • 4-2 Never use the company’s superios status and make unfair requests. Never receive dishonest money or goods. Explain the purpose and spirit of this ethics code and recommend to follow it.
Chapter 5. Nation and Society
  • 5-1 LOTTE ALUMINIUM respects the values of nation and society and abides by the relevant laws. By developing the company through healthy corporate activities, LOTTE ALUMINIUM creates social wealth and improves the quality of people’s lives to contribute to nation’s development.
  • 5-2 LOTTE ALUMINIUM does not involve in politics.
  • 5-3 LOTTE ALUMINIUM dedicates to environmental protection through development and sales of eco-friendly products, wastes recycling, resources saving, and education.
  • 5-4 LOTTE ALUMINIUM always puts effort into securing the safety of local society, customers, and staff members by preventing accidents through education and training.